Hello 2019 | 想象无所不在



可以近距离观察昆虫的形态结构! 在这里你可以看到所有的昆虫都可以扩展成比你更大的巨型生物! 所有这些超大型仿真动物昆虫都具有灵活的动作和生动的声音.他们可以用来建立科学博物馆展览的最佳景点,以教育所有年龄段的游客.
Animatronic Insects
Time for an up-close look at the physical structure of the insects! Here you can see all the insects are scale up to a giant creature which is even bigger than you! All these over-sized animatronic insects are with smooth movements and vivid sound. They can be used to build the best attractions for science museum exhibition to educate visitors of all ages.