Hello 2019 | 想象无所不在



以栩栩如生的外观,灵活的动作和生动的咆哮为特色,我们的仿真恐龙被侏罗纪恐龙主题公园,博物馆和展览的参观者所喜爱. 我们与古生物学家进行磋商,以确保每个仿真恐龙都是基于正确的科学数据创建的.
Featured with lifelike appearance, flexible movements and vivid roaring, our animatronic dinosaurs are loved by visitors of the jurassic dinosaur theme parks, museums and exhibitions. We consult with paleontologists to ensure each animatronic dinosaurs is created based on the correct scientific data.
My Dinosaurs can design and build any animatronic dinosaur according to customer’s requirements and specifications. Share us your ideas, you will have your own dinsoaurs of high quality and competitive price.