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我们为我们的顾客创造了许多惊人的仿真动物. 丛林中的动物,如狮子,老虎,大象,犀牛等.史前动物如猛犸象,剑齿虎,巨齿鲨等……你可以在这个类别中找到它们. 这些产品广泛用于户外和室内公园,博物馆,学校,商场,主题餐厅,俱乐部,度假村和任何类型的活动,我们可以根据您的规格定制任何动物模型.
Animatronic Animals
We have created many amazing animatronic animals for our costomers. Jungle animals, such as lion, tiger, elephant, rhino etc. Prehistoric animals, such as mammoth, smilodon, glyptodon, megalodon etc… You can find all of them in this category. These products are widely used in outdoor and indoor parks, museums, schools, shopping malls, theme restaurants, clubs, resorts and any type of events, we can customized any animal models per your specifications.