Hello 2019 | 想象无所不在



世界各地有这么多令人难以置信的地标,人们亲眼看到它们的机会很少. 但一个微型的世界公园让你的梦想成真.我们复制世界上最具历史意义的小型建筑把原始尺寸缩小.我们可以根据客户的要求建造任何微型建筑.我们提供7 * 24小时在线服务和现场安装.只需联系我们,我们将帮助定制您自己的梦幻迷你世界.
Miniature Park Sculptures
With so many incredible landmarks around the world, the chances of people seeing them all in person is slim to none. But a miniature world park makes your dream come true. We reproduce & manufactures the world’s most historic buildings in small version – scale down from the original size. We can build any miniature building per customer’s requirements. And we provide 7*24 hours online service and on-site installation. Just contact us and we will help to customize your own dream mini world.