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我们是恐龙表演服和恐龙手偶的主要制造商,具有声音和运动效果,适用于公园活动和派对. 我们为每一位顾客提供量身定制的服务,从内部结构到皮肤的颜色和纹理. 我们的目标是为每个表演者提供最佳的操作体验.
Dinosaur Costumes/Puppets
My dinosaurs is a leading manufacturer of realistic dinosaur costumes, dragon costumes and baby dinosaur puppets with sound and movement effect for parks, events and parties. We provide tailor-made service for every customer from costume frame structure to color and texture of the skin. Our goal is to give every performer the best operating experience. Come to contact us for a price inquiry and choose your adults’ fitting dinosaur costumes.